About Belgrade

Discover the next home of the Final Four

Ideally located where two of Europe's great meet, Belgrade has been a hub of the region since its foundation millenia ago. As one of the oldest capitals in Europe, the city was endlessly shaped by the various and diverse cultures that have inhabited it over the years, all leaving their distinct marks, which makes it so unique.

A place where old meets new, and east meets west, there will never be a dull moment for anyone who wishes to visit Belgrade. From leisurely strolls by either the Danube or the Sava, to sightseeing around the ancient fortress and the old town, to immersing one's self in Serbia's rich culture, the city offers all and welcomes all with open arms.

Should you wish to taste the renowned local cuisine, visit one of the seemingly endless series of bars, or just sit on a city bench and watch the passers-by, you will discover that this is a city bursting with life, just waiting to draw you in and fill you with passion and excitement.

One fact that most will associate with Serbia, and with Belgrade, is that it is steeped in basketball history. Being home to innumerable stars and legends of the sport is what every person from Belgrade is proud of. In May 2018, they will have one more thing to be proud of, when the 2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four finally makes its way to perhaps Europe's basketball capital, Belgrade.